Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Naruto Chapter 452 – Leaf vs Cloud Ninja

Since this week’s chapter wasn’t all that long or informative and since I don’t really have that much time, I won’t go into details too much.

Naruto and Sakura are absolutely furious when they hear about Danzo’s orders. Kakashi however is not surprised, because he had been expecting such a development. He explains that the only reason why Sasuke hasn’t been killed yet was because of Tsunade’s protection. The two young ninja make a decision to go talk to Danzo and let him have a piece of their mind, but are stopped by their master. Kakashi manages to persuade them not be too rash, because the consequences might be even more severe. Because Naruto is the Kyuubi jinchuuriki, Danzo wants to keep him under constant surveillance, so if Naruto were to act against him, Danzo would have the perfect alibi, as Hokage, to isolate him. Kakashi reasons that if Naruto is locked up, he won’t be able to search for Sasuke. A small light of hope on the whole Danzo-is-Hokage situation is that the jounins of the village must vote for or against his appointment. If most of them vote against him, his position will be revoked and Tsunade will continue to be Hokage.

06Meanwhile the new “beloved” Hokage has similar thoughts. Danzo seems pretty confident that he can win the election, as long as everything goes smoothly. He reappoints Sai as Naruto’s observer, thinking Naruto might do something wild or unexpected again. The blond is the villagers’ favourite now and any action against him would bring loss of authority for Konoha’s leader. Sai is curious about his master’s plan for Naruto, but is simply reassured that nothing bad will happen to him for the time being. Whatever the case, it’s certain that Danzo has some evil plan in mind. What it is, we might find out next time, when the kage meeting is supposed to start.

Soon after Naruto, Sakura and Sai meet up at the river. When asked to share some more information on Danzo, the ROOT member refuses, though unwillingly. Danzo has been known to use the severe training methods of the Mist village, now it’s revealed that he also uses secret seals to prevent his troops from spilling any information that might compromise him.
08The tattoo on Sai’s tongue is a seal that instantly renders his body useless if he speaks anything concerning Danzo. Of course Sakura thinks that such methods are appalling and inhumane. Sai explains that though it may seem as brutal Danzo’s organisation and approach are actually very important to Konoha, as they protect it from many dangers.
The discussion then changes to Sasuke’s predicament. Sai is surprised to learn that Danzo gave an order to hunt the Uchiha down. Their conversation is rudely interrupted by the Cloud ninja who suddenly appear beside them. 10

Komui points a sword at Sakura’s neck, demanding to hear information about Sasuke. Of course Naruto can’t tolerate someone pointing a weapon against his teammate and immediately attacks. With an amazing speed he takes Sai’s short sword out of its sheath and pushes away Karui’s sword. He goes for her face, but is stopped by Omoi, who blocks Naruto’s elbow with his sword’s hilt.
The two Cloud ninja display amazing teamwork, using each other as extensions and for support. While in the air, Karui makes a back flip to get on Naruto’s other side, but is warned by Omoi not to cut him, because Konoha’s ninja are supposed to be allies to the Cloud village.
13However, as soon as Omoi stopped Naruto’s attack, he later started performing his trademark technique – Kagebunshin. Before Karui could get a hit, a clone of Naruto appears, blocking the girl’s sword with his bare hands. Both foreigners are impressed by Naruto’s incredible agility and taijutsu and are caught off guard by Sakura and Sai. The two Konoha ninja are too slow and are completely unable to catch up with their opponents’ speed. Sai aims a kick for Omoi and Sakura tries to punch Karui, but Omoi is one step ahead of them. he combines dodging and attacking to both evade Sai’s kick and send Sakura flying. Naruto immediately rushes to Sakura’s aide, catching her before she hits the rock wall behind her. Karui knocks Naruto’s clone out and both Cloud ninja jump onto the river’s surface to get away from their adversaries.

Naruto is quite pissed at them for attacking them all of a sudden for nothing. Sakura is confused as to what business Cloud ninja have in the fire country, while Sai just remains as silent as ever. Omoi explains, or rather shouts, that they’re looking for Sasuke, who attacked their village not so long ago. The statement that Sasuke abducted a respected Cloud ninja stuns the members o Team 7. But an ever further shock awaits them, when Karui announces that Sasuke has joined Akatsuki. While Omoi is busy speaking of revenge and whatnot, Naruto can’t help but take doubt in Sasuke’s behavior. His best friend’s action have been getting more and more violent lately, and now, after killing his brother, the young Uchiha suddenly decided to join an evil organisation like Akatsuki. The same organisation that wants to capture Naruto and take over the world.

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