Saturday, June 6, 2009

Naruto Chapter 450 – Danzo The Sixth Hokage!?

nother week, another chapter… First off, let’s start with the results from last week’s poll on the question: “Is Naruto stronger than Sasuke?” It wasn’t a surprise that Naruto won the vote by a landslide, which just raises a new question: is Sasuke strong enough to take on Danzo? Considering the fact that the young Uchiha almost got killed by Killerbee, while the ROOT leader was just appointed as the new Hokage makes me think there’s just no way for Sasuke to complete an assassination attempt like that.

But enough about the emo kids, it’s time to concentrate on the main character! Naruto arrives back in Konoha after the grandiose spectacle that was his battle with Pein. The hero is exhausted and can barely move. Luckily his sensei shows up just in time to help him on the way home. It’s good to see that Kakashi’s made a nice recovery in such a short time. My expectations were that he’d need to rest for a few weeks, like after his clash with Deidara.
As Naruto enters the city limits, he is welcomed by the cheering of a gigantic crowd – the citizens of Konoha, who have gathered to thank their savior. In the three years since Naruto became a ninja he has managed to earn the respect he vowed to obtain.


Even though things looked pretty grim for Naruto at the beginning of the series, through great determination, hard work and “the guts to never give up”, the number one knuckle-headed ninja finally gets a taste of what it’s like to live his dream. I’d say this chapter could under different circumstances be the very last in the series. It seems like just a matter of time until Naruto defeats the bad guys, gets Sasuke back and becomes the Hokage.
The villagers are all very grateful for everything that Naruto’s done for them. They express their happiness in tears, screams and cheers, asking various questions, never for a moment giving Naruto a chance to catch his breath. Perhaps their feelings are best epitomised by Sakura, who first punches Naruto for being so irresponsible towards his own well-being, then hugs him and thanks him for all his efforts.


But while everyone is celebrating, other events are slowly set in motion. We first see Akatsuki’s reaction to Pein’s death. As most of you predicted in last week’s poll, it seems Madara has no intention in dealing with the deflected Konan. It is disturbing to see the demon statue – Gedou Mazou still intact. Hopes were that it would disappear with Nagato’s death, but for one reason or another, it’s still standing, the bijuu inside it ready to be used by Madara. The Uchiha’s words: “We’ll need a new pawn to synchronise with Gedou ” makes me think that the statue requires a living human being that has to be constantly linked to it, in order to keep in the same dimension.


In the outskirts of Konoha we see some development on the Thunder ninjas’ mission. They’ve located Konoha, or at least the remains of it and are about to go scouting for information on the recent events. Their role in the manga so far has been nothing but comic relief, let’s hope they at least have some interesting techniques that could help restore the village to its previous state.

The final and most important events in the chapter revolve around the Hokage. We see Tsunade, who has reverted to her elderly-looking state, because her chakra has been completely drained. She’s fallen in a comatose state, from which she might not wake up anytime soon.


At the same time, the Daymio has gathered all the village elders for an urgent meeting – his five consultants, Homura Mitokado and Utatane Koharu (the third Hokage’s teammates), Danzo – the leader of ANBU-ROOT, the unnamed ANBU agent, who’s in charge of the Hokage’s security and Shikaku Nara – Konoha’s head jounin are summoned to discuss the future of Konoha. Their first worries regard Akatsuki and the rebuilding of the village. A budget must be decided, workers form all parts of the country must be hired, in order to reconstruct the strongest shinobi village to its former glory.
While discussions regarding what must be done on the matters of the other ninja countries take place, Danzo takes to opportunity to address another important issue – the Hokage’s position. With Tsunade unable to perform her duties, a new candidate must be elected, one who has the ability, the intelligence and the reputation required to take up such an important task. The Daymio, who seems a bit naive, wants to wait for Tsunade’s recovery, but is persuaded differently. he notes that his original choice would be the best – Jiraiya, but seeing as the legendary ninja is now deceased, such a thing is impossible. Just as Danzo is about to speak, he is cut off by Shikaku, who, being a smart man, gets an idea of what the elder is up to. The jounin nominates Kakashi as a candidate for the spot, which is welcomed with much excitement on the Daynio’s part, as he is swayed by the idea that the son of the White Fang and student of the fourth Hokage and also a man who has proven himself a great asset to the Fire country is available for the position.
Many of you might wonder why Naruto wasn’t chosen immediately because of his victory over Pein. While it’s true that the blond is probably Konoha’s strongest ninja right now, he’s still too young and inexperienced in the “Kage business”. His nomination would’ve probably been turned down instantly.
5However, things take a turn for the worse. Kaksahi not appointed as the sixth Hokage, his place is surprisingly taken by Danzo. The man who is the cause for so much suffering in the shinobi world finally attains the power he’s been seeking his entire life – to be the leader of the strongest ninja village. By persuading the council that Sarutobi’s teachings were too meek and sympathetic, he proposes a new regime – one of harsh laws that will discourage attitude such as Orochimaru’s and will bring a new meaning of peace to the world. Shikaku’s protests remain unheard, the Daymio’s mind is made up. A new age of darkness is about to begin under the tyranny of Danzo.

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