Friday, May 22, 2009

It seems not everybody in the world has heard about it yet, so the guys from Weekly Shounen Jump decided to remid us again that it’s ‘NARUTO’s 10 year anniversary. Well, at least we get to see a colored version of Naruto, ’cause it’s been a while since we last saw one.


Well, Naruto decided to stick to his moral views and not kill Pein, but could that choice turn out to be fatal for our hero?
This chapter wasn’t a very long one. Most of it has already been revealed, since we’ve already seen “The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja”, only the main character had a different hair style.

Pein is not amused by Naruto’s response, he still believes that Jiraiya’s words were nothing more than a romantic farce and that the peace that his master envisioned is unachievable. After baring witness to all the horrors of the world, Nagato feels that Jiraiya’s words are only a mockery.

Whether by intuition or by using his brains Naruto somehow figures out the way to Nagato’s buried emotions. He quotes a phrase from the booklet – a phrase, which his opponent is very familiar with. Nagato remembers in a flashback how those words came to existence.
06These were words that were born from Nagato’s most intimate feelings, proof that he was on the right track. Thanks to his friends, the young boy had come to understand what was truly important in life – morals, dreams and the straight to follow them through to the end. Pein remembers his family, his friends, the good times he shared with them, the feeling of what it means to be happy. His experience from communicating with humans is what brought him happiness and the loneliness that came after the death of his loved ones is what caused him pain. Jiraiya always said he dreamt of a world where everybody understands each other. But there was no one who could understand Nagato, who was, in the end, left alone. This clash between the harsh reality and his dream was too much for him to handle, thus he gave up on achieving peace through.. peace.
Pein’s soul was lost somewhere deep within his crippled body, until Naruto came along and re-opened his eyes. Whether it was on a whim, or because he saw his young and pure self reflected in Naruto, or simply because Naruto managed to reach his feelings, Nagato chose to once more believe. But not in Jiraiya’s dream, but in Naruto - the only person who can take the path even the mighty Pein could not endure to walk upon.

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