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The Naruto Hurricane Chronicles anime TV series will air in Japan on February 15th of 2007. It will cover the manga material in Part II of the Naruto manga saga, starting with Naruto's return to Konoha in Chapter 245 (Volume 28). At the end of Nartuo Part I, Naruto fails to rescue Sasuke from Orochimaru's clutches. But it will take three years for Orochimaru to prepare the forbidden jutsu needed to transfer into Sasuke'a body. Naruto realizes, in his current state, he is not ready to defeat Orochimaru nor the cursed seal powered Sasuke. He leaves Konoha to train with Jiraiya.
Naruto versus Sasuke
The last Naruto episode that was based on the manga continuity was episode 135: 'The Promise I Could Not Keep'. After being defeated by Sasuke, a severely injured Naruto is carried back by Kakashi for treatment. Sitting in his hospital bed, Naruto finds it difficult to talk to Sakura because he failed to come back with Sasuke. But Naruto is a shinobi who never goes back on his word and he vows to Sakura that he will return Sasuke to Konoha for her one day.
Naruto 12 years oldNaruto 15 years old Two and a half years have passed, and a 15 years old Naruto returns to the Leaf Village. He's taller and has a new outfit, but still retains his prankster nature and hot- headedness. To the dismay of many, some of Jiraiya's pervertedness seems to have rubbed off on Naruto as well. Time has passed for many of Naruto's friends as well, they have advanced from Genin to Chunin and some even became Jonin. In fact, Naruto is the only one who is still a Genin from his graduating class way back from the Ninja Academy. But there is little time for reunions. Akatsuki is on the move and continue to pursue their goal to capture all nine tailed demons, Naruto's own Kyuubi included. Their latest target, Gaara of the Sand.

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